When you look at kids who are in a school band, what you are seeing is young people who are motivated, bright-eyed, accomplished, disciplined. What you are looking at are the people we want running our country in the future.
Bob Ezrin
Music Producer

Why Music
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Music Counts

For many children, music is the voice they don’t have. Yet still, 80% of children almost never take lessons or instruction in music.

MusiCounts celebrates musical excellence and puts musical instruments into the hands of kids who need them the most. Our mission is to ensure that all children and youth in Canada have access to music education.


Music Matters

The world is rapidly changing and many Canadians feel more isolated than ever. But music has the power to unite us. Music can turn the feeling of isolation into one of belonging. And when you feel like you belong, you feel connected, included, and confident.

By investing in music, we’re investing in more closely connected, confident communities and ultimately, a better world of tomorrow. From national to local stages, our goal is to connect people from different walks of life so they can learn from one another, laugh with one another, and grow together.

Music Matters
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